A Habit Needed For Achieving Super Success

October 23, 2018


Many people romanticize success, and even more so, they crave the feeling that they think success will bring them. While it’s great to aim high and set your sights on something, this future-focused mentality is actually no use in the present. Instead, it’s the habits you have in place right now, and your commitment to hitting the mark, that count the most.


One thing that most successful people have in common, is an uncompromising attitude about fitness and exercise. This is because fitness can instill in you the fundamental building blocks necessary for achieving success. It is safe to say that if you can not commit yourself to regular exercise, you will likely never reach your full potential. Countless successful people, from Fortune 500 CEOs to entrepreneurs and celebrities, have discovered the undeniable connection between fitness and success. This is partly due to the fact that regular exercise enhances your physical and mental state, which lifts up all other areas of your life as well. In addition, fitness builds a fundamental knowledge base of the mindset you must cultivate in order to achieve anything that seems out of reach.


Ever feel like you have everything for success mapped out other than the fitness part?

It's okay...some one told me a while ago to get into the rhythm of exercising, that all you have to do is go out and just start MOVING! Whatever it may be. You need movement to start. The rest will fall into place. -Elisa Eberwein


Below are five building blocks for success that you can learn through regular exercise:


1. Build Mental Strength 


Focusing on physical fitness actually paves the way for mental fitness to ensue. Not only does it create space for mental clarity, but it also develops the connection between your mind and body. Through fitness, you can push past your comfort zone and self-imposed limits to find that the limit actually does not exist. As you crush your fitness goals, surpassing what you never thought possible, you will realize that the obstacles in your life are no different, and that as long as you keep progressing, nothing is out of reach.


2. Stay The Path


A regular fitness routine teaches discipline and consistency. Once you start slacking on your workout and making excuses, it can be a slippery slope. However, when you make exercise a non-negotiable in your life, you are committing to your growth. There’s a rather common saying, “The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.” Fitness teaches you to keep at it anyway, and to be patient as you round each corner. Even though you won’t immediately see the fruits of your labor, remember that consistency is key for most everything in life, including fitness.


3. Take Health Seriously


Often times our health is put on the back-burner. A quote by Edward Stanley says, “Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.” Aside from the many physical benefits, exercising regularly is said to improve your health and cognitive functioning as well. Fitness keeps the heart healthy and maintains healthy blood pressure and weight. Working out regularly improves your brain health, boosts your memory, enhances your concentration and focus. By integrating fitness into your daily life, you are making your health a priority now and in the future.


4. Become Goal-Oriented


Fitness teaches you to keep reaching for more. Like with most things, results don’t happen overnight, but if you stick with a regular exercise regime, you will see physical progress in a rather short amount of time. As you begin to see the progress you’ve made, you’ll naturally be inclined to raise the bar you’ve set for yourself. Fitness cultivates a hunger for growth, and overtime, even builds momentum that keeps you going.


5. Mood Booster And Confidence


Aside from the obvious self-esteem boost that comes from absolutely crushing your fitness goals, there are other reasons why fitness makes us happier as well. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, and serotonin which reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, as you surpass the fitness goals you’ve set out for yourself, what you believe about yourself will begin to change. As you being to feel physically stronger, you will also begin to feel better mentally.


Though plenty of people want to be successful, only a self-selected few will even come close. In other words, if you are willing to buckle down and commit yourself to doing the hard work it takes to achieve big goals, you can be one of them. Using fitness as the catalyst is surefire opportunity to pave your path to success.


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