How to Meet the Needs of Millennial Employees & Give Back to Our Local Community

November 7, 2018


Let's face it, millennial employees ages 20-30's are ambitious, team oriented, super creative and tech savvy. Businesses are looking for ways to bring together employee needs and give back to the community. 

If your business isn't already doing so, try implementing a few things below:


Create a flexible work schedule......

Find what causes are important to the employee. Allow them time to serve the community throughout the year. After all they are our next generation of leaders, donors and volunteers.


As a business in your local community, it would be good for young employees to be part of the Young Professional Network Programs. This will provide them great opportunities to be part of an organization and build great relationships with long term commitments. 


Can your business provide opportunities for employees to be part of Non Profits? You will find that Non Profits are eager to partner with young professionals to help with so many efforts. From assisting to marketing campaigns, social media platforms to volunteering their time and energy they will be helping their local community and those in need.


Check out your local Chamber of Commerce and Non Profit's to see how your employees can get involved! 


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